We offer buy to let advice for landlords in Nottingham and Mansfield, and the question we are asked most often is "what is the best type of property to invest in?" The truth is this differs for each individual investor and their investment goals, and we would need to know this before giving any suggestions. It is important to understand different property investment strategies and by how buying different properties they can perform in different ways. Do you wish to buy for high yielding cash flow or for long term capital growth, or a balance of the two? Consider factors such as ‘gearing up’ (raising a mortgage) to help buy more properties rather than buying outright, different tenant types, expenditure for different property types and tax implications.

For portfolio landlords with numerous properties, taking an asset management perspective or service across the whole portfolio helps maximise your returns and portfolio value. It is important to review poorer performing properties and consider potential property disposals periodically, remembering tax benefits and implications as part of such reviews.

Buy to let has proved to be a great investment strategy due to a shortage of rented property supply compared with tenant demand, property prices and rents increasing, and returns being poor from more traditional schemes such as in the bank.

The current average yield in the East Midlands is 5.4% and total ROI is 11.09%, however we see many local property opportunities with gross yields between 6 - 8%. Nottinghamshire remains in the top places in the UK to invest in property, with over 50 national and regional headquarters already based within the city, including Boots, Capital One, EON and Speedo, and further significant infrastructure and business developments are in working progress for the next few years.

East Midlands average rents rose in 2017, up 2.8% on 2016. Property prices rose by 3.8% on 2016 too. Housing in northern County’s like the East Midlands are increasingly sought after, with them being more affordable and stable, and this includes the Private Rented Sector, where there remains a shortage of available rented homes.

A conversation with us as your local, experienced and knowledgeable letting agent will be invaluable before acquiring a buy to let property. Have you seen a particular property and would like to understand rental demand and anticipated achievable rent? Feel free to email the details to us and we will be delighted to offer our honest impartial advice – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Alternatively, should you want to be considered for investment opportunities we come across (often off-market) and disperse to our Landlords, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Once properties are acquired, see our other services for our letting and management services.

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